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All Hail King Joe 1!

Why do we need a Congress?

I don’t know if you know the exact number of executive orders that King Joe 1 has signed, but here it is. So far, since being POTUS, King Joe 1 has signed 34 Executive Orders and 9 Presidential Memoranda. Most of these within the first 15 days in office. King Joe 1 must have a nuclear powered pen, because a solar powered pen would not work after dark, and King Joe doesn’t stop signing orders for anything!

Do you remember the rioting that took place at Donald Trump’s inauguration? We had unnamed celebrities (Madonna) who claimed that Donald Trump was a white supremist, Nazi, and sociopath. Apparently that was an indication of the liberal plan to ‘bring America together.’ But I digress.

This blog is written to bring about common sense solutions, and attempt to provide common sense topics for thought and discussion. So….I will get back to my first sentence. With King Joe 1 single handedly expanding the ink business with his nuclear powered pen, why do we need Congress? All we need is for him to change everything and control everything, much the same way Adolf Hitler did in Germany. (What does Madonna think of that?) Think of all the money that could be saved if we canned 535 senators and representatives! Additionally, we would save all the money from canning their overpaid, bloated staffs. The perks? We could balance the budget by eliminating congressional perks! More importantly, the quality of television news reporting would be greatly increased if we could keep all of those publicity craving egotists away from a television camera! We would have more success attempting to break heroin addicts from their habits than we would keeping the publicity hogs from a TV camera. But if we got rid of them, we could make a dent in the deficit created by the last Pelosi relief bill, deceivingly referred to as the COVID Relief bill.

What is with this Covid bill? Two trillion dollars, of which less than 10% is actually going for Covid relief. So where is that money going? Honestly, it is difficult to determine. Why? Because much of the proposed pork is hidden with slicked-up names and agencies. Purportedly, there is $150 billion for an underground tram system in Silicon Valley! Really? For that kind of money, you could just rent chauffer driven limousines for anyone going to and from work. An underground tram system buried in a Covid Relief bill? Are they trying to compete with Disneyland? Will the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or the ‘It’s a Small World’ Disneyland themes be available to make the tram ride more enjoyable? The sad truth is that this project, being it is California, would probably still be over budget. California has a notorious reputation for not being able to bring anything at or under budget. But, alas, Nancy Pelosi and her team of minions are proposing, in this relief bill, to build that tram in her home state. This will all be done at taxpayer expense, of course.

Do you find it interesting that King Joe 1 has signed an executive order opening our southern border? Think about this: A Canadian can not enter the US, even if they have had the Covid vaccination. Conversely, an American cannot enter Canada. But, King Joe 1, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that all of the poor people from Central and South America can enter the US without any type of medical inspection. And, he has decided to halt the construction of the border wall implemented by President Trump. Apparently, every illegal immigrant is disease free and here with only the most honorable intentions. Thus, they begin their path to US citizenship by illegally entering our country.

Have you noticed what has happened to the price of gasoline since King Joe 1 became POTUS? Stopping construction on the Keystone pipeline did not help. Amazingly, construction was halted for environmental reasons, causing the lay-off of 20,000 high paid jobs either directly or indirectly involved with this project. I have bad news for those ‘tree-huggin’ environmentalists. There is no more environmentally safe method of transporting petroleum than through a pipeline. I will guarantee that more petroleum is leaked from train cars and semi-trailers in a week, than will leak from a pipeline in a year! But Warren Buffet does not own the pipeline. He owns Burlington Northern Railroad and he wants to transport all of that oil with his trains. Did I mention that the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ is a major Democrat supporter? Oops! It just slipped out and you know there would be no connection with King Joe’s decision.

As long as we are talking about oil and the energy it provides, I can’t help but discuss those people that believe we should replace all fossil fuels with other sources. I think that idea is great in theory, but it is just that…theory. While you are driving around in your electric powered Tesla, think about this. Where does the electric come from that charges you vehicle? This country has 91 nuclear power reactors that is responsible for 20% of the countries electricity. There are 430 coal fired power plants responsible for 30% of the countries electricity. The biggest amount of US electricity is provided by natural gas electric generators, providing 34%. Wind provides 6% and solar provides 1%. It would take 350 wind turbines to replace one coal fired power plant. Unless there is a nuclear reactor up your butt, we are going to need fossil fuels a little longer.

Here is another discussion point. Why do we still have 5000 National Guardsmen in Washington, D.C? Isn’t it ironic that the politicians in Washington want to take down the border wall and take your guns, while at the time of this writing, Washington is being protected by an impenetrable wire fence and a lot of people with guns. Who do they think is going to attack? St. Patrick’s day is approaching, and those Irishmen can get a little rowdy. But they will only attack the pubs in force. Is this another way of bringing the people together in Washington, D.C? Walls and guns? Are they afraid of another incident, such as occurred on January 6?

And speaking of January 6, I, like many Americans, did not want to see such an event in our nation’s Capitol. The deaths and injuries that resulted are truly tragic, and I do not support violence of any form. But having said that, the events that took place were pretty ‘weenie-wink’ compared to some of the other riots that occurred in other American cities. Portland. Minneapolis. Seattle. Kenosha. Whoever initiated the events in Washington needed to take a page from the Antifa handbook. For instance…where was the fire? No fire. Where was the smashing, grabbing and looting? Nope. None of that. Where were the pre-placed pallets of bricks? None. Tear gas? Molotov cocktails? No and no. And…Congress was allowed to reconvene by 8:00PM that evening! I bet the business owners from the aforementioned cities would have loved being able to return to work 5 hours after the riots began. They only returned to their businesses after the riots were done and their businesses were in shambles. Many will never reopen after losing their livelihoods. But, in another showing of ‘bringing the country together,’ the Democrats determined that all of this was the responsibility of the out-going POTUS, and he needs to be impeached! And, contrary to constitutional law, we want to impeach him after he leaves office. Oh yeah. That is a way to promote healing.

To say that there was much controversy surrounding the outcome of our last election would be a major understatement. Do you know what I would have done were I King Joe 1? I would have gotten on the television, and said this, “Because of the many concerns surrounding mail fraud and computer fraud, I suggest a 30 day moratorium on the election results and direct the FBI and every law enforcement agency to investigate these allegations so that you, the American public, are assured that the democratic election process and my election are secure and accurate.” Did you hear anything that sounded like this? Was the FBI tasked to investigate election fraud allegations? Not that I know of. Any other law enforcement agency? Again. Not that I know of. What we got was a wire wall and the National Guard. I find it interesting, and ironic, that the Department of Justice did not investigate any of the 1500 election fraud sworn affidavit allegations, but the FBI came out in force, like they were on steroids, to investigate the outgoing POTUS and the events surrounding the Capitol riot on January 6.

So let me get this straight. Donald Trump lost the election to King Joe 1, even though he had 11 million+ more votes than he had against Hillary Clinton. And…King Joe 1 got more votes than Barrack Obama ever dreamed of in defeating Trump. Is it now clear for you?

Many of the subjects broached in this blog are indeed bewildering, until you apply my political formula: P + P = M. Power plus prestige equals money. Once you apply that formula to the events of today in politics, the fog begins to clear. Some people will do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING to remain in power. Proof? How do poor politicians become millionaires. The answer? At our expense.

Wake up America, before it is to late.


I am tired! No, I had a good night’s sleep. What I am getting tired about is what is happening to our country. When younger, I was sure we lived in a democracy and I was proud to be American. However, I am not sure about our democracy today! Our political system is fraudulent, filled with power and money hungry politicians, and making decisions that may destroy our way of life. We have faced four years of a president that is trying to make good decisions for this country, but he has faced every possible roadblock to his success. Just think what could have been accomplished had our government focused on governing instead of impeachment, destroying a Supreme Court Justice, the Steele Dossier, the pandemic, and too many destructive paths to mention.

Who is not tired of the pandemic? OMG! As of this writing, a day after the beginning of the new year, there are still so many questions surrounding this pandemic. Like you, I have become really tired about conflicting opinions about how and where it began, and how it is spread. It was not uncommon that people of my age have gotten the flu at least once or twice during their lifetime. Granted, we did not have a fancy name for it, such as COVID 19. It was just called the flu. And….it really made you sick. If you were unfortunate to get the flu, as I was at least twice, you stayed at home. The symptoms were: high temperature, coughing, lung congestion and the general all-around feeling that you had a gigantic body ache. The one thing that did not occur, was that the government did not shut down the economy, or send me money for missing work. Before I go any further, and receive death threats for being an idiot, I want to clarify that I do believe that COVID 19 is a real disease that can cause death, if you are high risk and have underlying conditions or are elderly. But guess what? Many of the other flus that we had did the same thing. Occasionally, a healthy person succumbed, as did many elderly.

I am tired of the draconian measures that have been taken, by the government, to stop the spread of the virus. The one fact I do know, is that it has never been proven that restaurants are ‘super spreaders’ of the disease. Fortunately, Grandma P and I live in a state where the restaurants are allowed to remain open. We try to patronize these restaurants at least twice a week, just to keep them open. Some of these restaurants have suffered hurricane damage as well, so they have suffered a ‘double whammy.’ During our last visit, we were seated so that there was a reasonable distance from other tables, and, as soon as one table was vacated, a masked server sanitized the table and chairs. Common sense was displayed by the restaurant, and by the patrons.

I am really getting tired of politicians that believe that rules and laws are for the electorate, but they are exempt from the rules. While closing down all the restaurants in California, the governor has a multi-thousand dollar meal, paid for by a lobbyist, at a swanky restaurant! Thankfully, the electorate in California are beginning to wake up, and petitioning for his recall. Unfortunately, Gavin Newsom is not the only politician that sees himself as privileged. His aunt, Nancy Pelosi, had a hair appointment in a supposedly closed beauty parlor. All of this was caught on camera. There are other examples of ‘politician privilege’ everywhere, while the general population is regulated and punished for the same behavior.

I am tired and concerned about the amount of foreign influence and money that has corrupted our elections. You don’t believe that foreign governments are not dumping millions, and billions of dollars into our elections? Just look at the upcoming Georgia election for two US senators. There is an estimated $500 million being spent on that campaign. $500 million! If that much is being spent there, how much do you think was spent on the 2020 election? Where did that money originate? I have a pretty good idea that billions of dollars are coming from China…which segues into my next paragraph.

I am tired of the media reporting stories that are 97% negative about Donald Trump and his presidency. Beyond his crass and brass personality, and his seemingly unending tweets, Trump had bushels of accomplishments for the benefit of our country. I can name at least 10 things that his administration accomplished from memory in his four years. (What has Biden accomplished in his political career? Pelosi? Shumer? I rest my case!) The media glorified the Steele dossier. They supported Trump’s impeachment, supposedly because Chuck Shumer had myriads of facts to support his impeachment. Facts that just never seem to appear, but were given more credibility than Moses receiving the ten commandments. The Democrats got nasty and created lies to denigrate and discredit the Trump Supreme Court nominees. The accusation that Brett Cavanaugh was the leader of a ‘teenage gang of rapists,’ was a clear indication of how low in the manure pile the Democrats will shovel. Have you ever wondered who owns these media outlets?

I am tired of social media, supposedly representing open forums, from censoring what is on their social platforms. Hunter Biden issues were censored, because they claimed there wasn’t any proof. Yet, the Steele dossier, and fictitious Shumer accusations against Trump were allowed freely. Unbiased? Not in a million years. And unfortunately, 65% of all Americans get their news from the intranet. This blog is being censored, as the comments on the last three blogs have not been published. A coincidence, since this all began two months before the election?

I am tired (and concerned) that a member of the House Intelligence Committee is still on the committee after having a lengthy affair with a Chinese spy. Nancy Pelosi’s driver was a Chinese spy. How much of our government have the Chinese permeated? There is one sure thing that Donald Trump did accomplish. I’ll explain. The Chinese are a very patient people. They, unlike Americans who require instant satisfaction, play the long-term game. The Western world, led by us consumer-driven Americans, have made China wealthy over the last 50 years. (See the 4/11/2020 blog: Were we in Africa, or Were we in China.) China likes being wealthy. They will use that wealth to rule the world economically, technologically and militarily. They will do all of this without having a “cum by yah’ sing- along at the UN, because they want to rule the world and don’t care one bit about globalization. But unexpectedly, along comes a political surprise by the name of Donald J. Trump. What does Trump do? Well, he passed tax credits which made it economically feasible for American companies to bring their manufacturing jobs back to the US. He drastically lowered the unemployment in America. He lowered the number of people on welfare. When American companies did not respond, he threatened to put tax levies on their goods manufactured outside the US. He renegotiated a more favorable trade agreement with China, (He also did the same with Canada and Mexico.) He did what was right for America! But you know what else he did? He pissed off the Chinese. Now they were not getting as rich as before Trump. They also observed that the US was rebuilding their military. The US is now the only major hurdle between China and world domination, which I suspect may occur within the next 20 years, if we let it! So….in the eyes of the patient Chinese, Trump must go! But at what cost? A few million? A few billion? A trillion dollars? Who owns these media sources? Who owns our politicians? Who would benefit the most from the collapse of the US economy? Who would benefit most with Trump being taken out of office? How many of these questions can be answered with one word: China.

I am really tired that many of our elected officials are so entrenched, that there is no opportunity for new faces advocating new ideas. WE NEED TERM LIMITS. Am I the only person in the United States that wants to know how a poor politician becomes a millionaire? Barrack Obama had a net worth of less than $500 thousand when he ran for president. Today, his net worth is estimated at $135 million! His salary for 8 years as POTUS was $3.2 million before taxes! How did he get to $135 million?

I am tired of the fact that our nation is so self-absorbed, that we, as a people, are too ignorant to recognize that we have enemies in the world. We have become the ‘me first’ individuals, rather than the ‘us together’ country.

I am tired of the fact that we may lose our democracy, because we allowed an election within our country with bushels of ballots being sent in the mail without verification if qualified voters actually received them. We allowed ballots to be counted that could not be substantiated. We allowed ballots to be counted that were post-marked after the election date. We allowed 38 states to count ballots with the use of a computer program that was developed outside the US; whose original purpose was to create ballot fraud, to sway the outcome of elections in foreign countries. Did we just become one of these ‘foreign countries?’ Apparently, some people think so as there are over 1500 sworn affidavits attesting to observing voter fraud. For once, I would like our bureaucracy to meddle in the form of the FBI and the DOJ. What did either do? I believe it was Stalin who said, “It’s not the vote that counts, it’s who counts the votes.”

We, as Americans, have two choices. The first is, how long are we going to tolerate the government at all levels to control our lives. Businesses closed. Schools closed. Churches closed. But you still go to Walmart and Target. I believe that the pandemic has shown bureaucracy gone amok in many areas.

The second decision is for us to recognize the threat that we have to our democracy, and what we need to do about it. We will not have honest and fair elections until some election officials are arrested for being dishonest and unfair. We will not have a fair and honest election until we prohibit, and un-elect those politicians who are taking huge sums of foreign monies to maintain power. That issue would disappear if we had term limits, so that 40 year entrenched politicians would begin to do what is ‘right for America,’ than what is right for a foreign power or lobbyist or themselves.

It is up to you, America! I’m tired. Time for a nap. But please decide what you want. The clock is ticking for us and future generations. The Chinese are patient.