The Democratic Platform: ‘deja vu’ all over again!

6 thoughts on “The Democratic Platform: ‘deja vu’ all over again!

  1. Anonymous

    Grandpa T, I enjoy reading your blog so much I reread them however I am at the age where I can enjoy them like I have never read them before. Give my regard to Grandma P.

  2. Anonymous

    Grandpa T, As always my stars align with your view of the world. It is both unbelievable and unnerving to see so many who view the democrats today as a sane option. Everything free for everyone? Let’s climb the bean stark and ride the coat tales of the tax and spend party. Somehow we were always taught then work ethic that made America strong and its inhabitants stronger. Somehow these democrats think that athletes don’t work to hone their skills and conditions and yield outstanding results. These democrats are in a cocoon.

  3. Anonymous

    Such obvious credibility in what you describe;
    Especially Important in today’s climate of questioning sources.

  4. Anonymous

    U keep referring to the Democrats. My favorite word is DUMB-o-Rats. OK, so I’m not nice, but truthful & accurate.

    1. Anonymous

      Tom, the stars align with your logic. If only democrats would learn to read//study facts instead of carping democratic mantra Perhaps think that free everything comes from Jack’s bean stalk? You would think that adults would overcome childhood fantasies,

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