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Fast Information = Fast Forgetting

The one thing that amazes me about our ‘instantaneous-quick as a flash’ culture is our ability to forget situations, items and events as quickly as we learn about them.  There appears to be a direct correlation between these two events.  So I, Grandpa T am offering the following formula for our ‘instantaneous- quick as a flash’ culture.

The faster we receive news and information is in direct proportion to the speed with which we forget that news and information.  Or, f {fast} I {information} = f {fast} f {forgetting}.  Now that I have advanced that formula, am I eligible for some kind of Nobel prize?  After all, if the POTUS can get the Nobel Peace Prize after being president for about 10 minutes, I should be able to get some kind of a prize, too!  (Or…….did you forget he received it?)

There is no question that we receive information much, much faster than we did during my formative years.  Look at all the available sources.  We have the obvious mass media sources of TV, radio and newspapers.  But what really makes this instantaneous is the internet, personal computers, personal handheld devices, cell phones and personal devices that can take either pictures or movies and the ability to create a flash mob in a moments notice with these devices, all with the use of social media.  Look at what can be instantaneously flashed around the world because of dash cams in police cars, from cell phones and from other hand held devices.  It is truly amazing!

Grandma P has a cell phone that has an app that reports traffic accidents, road closures or bridge closures in our area.  Amazing!  Rather than go into a bad traffic area, the app directs you to an alternate route.  Need another example?  Recently, my best friend’s daughter got married.  Because of time and distance, Grandma P and I were not unable to attend.  I was on my computer at the same time the wedding was occurring at the opposite end of the country.  Golly and gadzooks, pictures of my friend escorting his daughter down the aisle were appearing on a social media website within seconds of it taking place!  Pictures of the ceremony and reception were being posted within minutes of the actual occurrence!  My friend was amazed when I called to tell him how beautiful the bride looked and how good he looked in his tailored suit.  It was as if I were in attendance.

November 7, marks the 3rd anniversary of writing this blog.  Yes, if you are sharp, you will realize that I began writing this within minutes of the last presidential election in 2012.  I was bummed and I needed a way to vent my anger, angst and disbelief.  Our country (as you may have forgotten) was experiencing high unemployment, a colossal increase in the national debt, did not have a budget for four years, a large percentage of people receiving welfare and food stamps…..and the country decided we liked that situation so much that we reelected the person that got us there.  That would be Barack Hussein Obama. I digress.

I began visiting some of my previous written posts on the blog site.  Then I realized that what was the ‘hot topic’ at the time of my writing the blog is all but forgotten.  Thus my formula for the Nobel prize of fast information = fast forgetting.  I have given examples of the quickness of obtaining information, let me give you some examples of how quickly we forget.

The financial crisis in Greece.  Do you remember that?  The country of Greece represents less than 2% of the world GDP.  Because of its socialistic society, it could no longer afford all the socialistic programs.  Over 40% of the population was on the government payroll.  People were retiring in their 50s with full salary and benefits.  Coupled with the high unemployment rate, it was a disaster in the making.  They raised taxes on the wealthy to afford their bloated programs.  The result?  The wealthy, which pretty much encompassed all of their educated professionals such as doctors, dentists and engineers, began migrating to other countries to escape the high taxes.  The Greek financial crisis whipsawed the world financial markets and stock exchanges for months. There  was a movement to kick them out of the European Economic Community, thus taking them off the euro and forcing them to go back to the drachma as their currency.  Here is the point of this blog…have you heard about the Greek financial crisis lately and do you think it has gone away?

Benghazi and lost emails.  Benghazi is all but forgotten.  The only reason the name is ever brought up is because of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.  If she were not a candidate, I very much doubt it would ever be heard of again.  As for the emails?  Well, it is amazing to me that she has abused her position as former Secretary of State to do something infinity larger than Richard Nixon’s Watergate break-in, and he resigned the presidency.  His crime involved reelection.  Hers involved national security.

IRS and the Tea Party Scandal.  This whole event has been swept under the carpet to the point of creating a mountain of dirt under the fibers.  You would think that much dirt would eventually cause a problem, but rest assured, Lois Lerner is still retired, walking the streets and collecting a full pension for being the director of the IRS.  She is thus liberated even after using her position to throttle the Tea Party movement prior to the elections by not granting tax exempt status to their cause.  The IRS throttled many conservative groups other than the Tea Party.  In front of numerous congressional fact-finding committees, our Lois, our government employee, pleaded the 5th amendment to many of the direct questions.  A classic case of the government forgetting that they work for the people.  Why has this whole affair gone MIA from the media?  Well, it was my opinion that Lois Lerner was not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and that she was directed in her actions by her boss.  At that time it would have been the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and  he worked for the POTUS.  How convenient during an election year.

Fiscal Cliff and National Debt.  How can anyone forget the overused usage of the words ‘fiscal cliff?’  Yet, when was the last time you heard the term?  Two years ago, it was the term de jour coupled with the continuing controversy about our national debt.  At the time, the national debt was $18 trillion and rising.  The prognosis was it would be over $20 trillion before Obama left office in 2016.  If you can believe Donald Trump, it is already over $19 trillion with over a year to go in the Obama presidency.  Wow!  If you can believe financial pundits, they are predicting a fiscal collapse of mega-proportions on a world scale once the US debt reaches $24 trillion.  I have never heard the reason why, but I have heard that figure and predicted result more than once.  Perhaps the dollar will be replaced as the world reserve currency by some other currency.  The dollar being the world reserve currency is the only reason why we have been able to accumulate so much debt.   If the government was a corporation, it would have had to declare bankruptcy long ago!  Look at what the Greek government has had to do, and then magnify that by about 15.  It is surprising that this pending fiscal crisis was not thoroughly addressed in the first two Republican presidential debates.  But then, it would have made the present administration look bad for quadrupling our national debt in 8 years! 

After reading the previous paragraph about our predicted financial doom, isn’t it interesting that the three of the leading Republican presidential contenders; Trump, Fiorina and Carson are not career politicians.  Unlike the present administration, where less than 10% of the cabinet or staff have had experience in the private sectors of our economy, you can surmise that if any of these three become president, 40% or more of the cabinet or staff will have experience in the private sector of our economy.  That is what we needed in 2012, but opted for the status quo by reelecting Obama.  These three leading Republican contenders have sent shock waves through all career politicians because of their non-political experiences and their rapidly growing popularity among the populous by not being career politicians.  Regardless who the next president will be, they will have to face some very burgeoning fiscal issues.  They will also have to retool our country from socialism back to its capitalistic roots.  But again, I digress.  (Its my blog, and I can digress if I want!)

There were many other terms that have come and gone over the last three years.  Disappearing with nary a whimper.  Government gridlock.  Voter ID.  Washington Redskins name change.  The situation in the Ukraine.   These are just some of the terms and events that were in the forefront and have somehow evaporated from sight like mist in a wind.  Too bad that can’t be said about the Kardashians.

I am writing and practicing  my acceptance speech for the first Nobel prize for Common Sense.  I can just see it now, sitting in Stockholm waiting for that grand announcement….”And the winner of the first ever Nobel prize for Common Sense goes to”……….(Oh crap!  Sitting in Stockholm with no place to go.)

Common Sense – A Hardy, Yet Uncommon Tool

As I was growing up in the 50’s, I thought that common sense was pretty common.  Thus the name of this blog site.

Don’t run with a pair of scissors in your hand.  Never put your finger into an electrical socket.  Look both ways before crossing a busy street.  Never put your tongue on a frozen piece of metal.  (Okay.  People from the south have no idea what I am talking about.  People from the northern climates have only done this once in their lives.  That is why we talk funny.)

How difficult can it be?

How uncommon can common sense be?  Apparently – common sense can be very uncommon.  About as common as ice cubes on Florida sidewalk in August.  Common sense has become as uncommon as exposing a ring of Lutheran suicide bombers.

Here are some varied examples of what should clearly be common sense,

The Ukraine

Have you seen pictures of the Ukrainian separatists?  Have you seen any teenagers, women or older men in any of those pictures?  The only pictures I have seen involving women, teenagers and older men show them going in the opposite direction of the warring factions.

What I have noticed is that the typical male, Ukrainian separatist  (age 20-35) could join an Olympic push-up team!  And the sit-up and chin-up team.  And no doubt an Olympic shooting team!

Common sense tells me that these are not your typical Ukrainian civilians, but rather, they are more likely to be paratroopers from the Russian army!  Typical civilian separatists do not have the weaponry that these separatists possess.  They have even managed to shoot down a civilian aircraft with a very technologically-advanced missile system!  Another indication is the skull with jump wings decal that is visible on some of their armored vehicles.

Do not be fooled by the façade that Putin is attempting to put on this affair.  He is attempting to regain the power of the former USSR during the Cold War.  He will continue to do this until someone puts a halt on the Russian aggression.

The fact that the ‘separatists’ are acting on the orders of Putin seems fairly obvious to me, an advocate of utilizing common sense.


It is every parents desire to have their children go to college.  We desire this so that they can be instructed by the best and the brightest professors available.  Or are they that bright?

In Italy, one college professor has asked Captain Francesco Schettino to give a guest lecture on Emergency Procedures.  Do you remember Captain Schettino’s claim to fame?  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Captain Francesco Schettino is the former captain of the Costa Concordia.  If you don’t remember him, you certainly remember the ship that was lying on its side off the coast of Italy on January, 2012.  Carelessness caused this ship to become grounded, causing an at-sea accident resulting in 32 lives being lost.  By many accounts, the good captain was canoodling with one of the showgirls on the bridge.  He then abandoned the ship, virtually leaving every passenger to their own fate. It is amazing that the loss of life was not catastrophically higher. It easily could have been much more disastrous .

What does his selection of a lecturer say about the common sense of this college professor?

Common sense tells me that Captain Schettino should be in prison and not on a college campus enlightening the minds of Italy’s future workforce.


Profiling has become a politically incorrect word.

Personally, I do not mind being profiled.  More importantly, I do not mind if our security/police personnel profile others as well.  Why?  For the safety of the masses.

After doing some research on the profile of a typical suicide bomber, I was surprised to learn that depending on which country the bomber is targeting, that profile changes drastically.  For instance, the profile of a suicide bomber in Iraq or Afghanistan is much different than that of one targeting Israel.  The profile of a suicide bomber targeting a predominantly Christian nation is much different from one targeting a Muslim nation.

Do you know why El Al, the airline of Israel has never had a bombing incident?  They profile!  Apparently the entire Israeli security apparatus is very good at profiling.

So let me be the first to go out on a limb and say that we will never expose that ring of suicide Lutheran bombers I referred to in my opening paragraph.  Suicide bombers will likely be Muslim, not Christian.

My biggest fear has been the ‘home-grown’ terrorist.  An American that thinks our democratic society sucks, he had a bad childhood, his parents don’t love him, he is more loved by Allah than God – and he is going to take revenge on the infidels.   A somewhat lesser fear is the Muslims that have moved to our country.

Common sense indicates we need to profile to protect the civilian population.   The ‘home-grown’ terrorist presents a very different and difficult challenge.

Social Media

Listen up, people!  Do you think when you post something on a social media website that only your friends and relatives can see it?  EVERYONE in the WORLD can see it!

For those of you applying for jobs, perspective employers are searching these sites to find out about you before hiring.  If you want pictures of yourself getting drunk, skinny-dipping, or generally acting like an idiot on the internet, good luck with getting that job.

Men, do you think anyone is interested in seeing a selfie of your feet with a bottle of beer on a foot stool?  You have athlete’s foot.  You need a pedicure.  Hairy legs are not sexy.  I have seen this twice in the last month.  Egads!

Don’t think that posting more ‘stuff’ makes you appear smarter.  Quite the opposite is true.

Common sense tells me that over half the material posted on a social website should be forwarded through a private email account.  If a message is designed primarily for one person, send a text message or make a personal phone call.  That way, only you, the recipient and the NSA will know what you said or sent!

Congressional Summer Recess

August is the month when our federal legislators go home and ‘glad hand’ with their constituents.  What harm can the government do when they are out of session?

Well, apparently they don’t stop working, or in this case, meddling.

With all of the serious things taking place around the world (Ukraine, Gaza, ISIL, North Korea, ebola) and in our own country (national debt, Obamacare, droughts and floods), Representative Betty McCollum (D-MN) has decided to take on the Redskin name when the Redskins take on the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis on November 2.

The Vikings are building a new stadium.  In the interim, they are playing on the University of Minnesota football field for the next two years.  They are paying $250,000 per game to rent the TCF Bank Stadium.  If the Vikings were playing in their old stadium, they would probably politely tell Representative McCollum to ‘suck eggs.’  But because they are renting the stadium of a land-grant university, the government funding for the university provides a ‘hook’ for the politician.

She has sent a letter to the Vikings and to the U of M, requesting that there be an effort to keep the Washington Redskins’ name from being used in ‘promotional’ and game date materials.  She has argued with the owner of the Vikings that  he needs to ‘take a stand against that hateful slur.’

Here is what common sense tells me.  Common sense suggests that with all the serious happenings in the world and in our own country, our elected officials should focus on what is important and get  their noses out of private business.  The football game will last three hours.  The items that she should be concerned about could have far-reaching consequences. (Common sense tells me that the Redskins name will change.  But that should be their decision and not one made with government intervention)

Exactly what will the Washington Redskins be called, if not Redskins, during this game?  They could always refer to them as ‘those guys from Washington.’  But that could be mistaken for  the entire Congress of the US.   Now that would be frightening!

Common sense people!  It is as simple as knowing the difference between right, wrong, and stupid.

Like the old American Express card – don’t leave home without it!

PS.  With the midterm elections approaching, I would like to state the party platform for our new political party in my next blog.  I am requesting any input on the name of our new party and on any issues you would like to see in our party plank.   Of course, all submissions must pass the ‘common sense’ test.

Grandpa T

God Bless America, Land Filled with Debt

Today is the Fourth of July!  Or, if you just pressed 2, Quattro de Julio.  Happy BIrthday America!

The freedoms that this country enjoys did not come free.  It was gained with the sacrifice of blood and lives for over two centuries.  Our first war was the Revolutionary War.  This was the war that won our freedom from the British Empire.  For the most part, the war was fought because of, ‘taxation without representation.’  The American colonies were being taxed to support the British expansionism around the globe, without one word as to how their taxes were being used in the way of representation.  King Georgie III was not concerned about what the American colonies thought.  He was only concerned about collecting taxes.  Thus the war.

How things have changed!  {Except for the collecting of taxes!}  Now Washington, D.C. is the most powerful city in the world.  We have a strong central government which brings up the question, ‘Is our federal government focused on the proper national issues?’

Let us reflect.

Did you know that there was a petition presented recently in Washington to change the name of Ronald Reagan National Airport?  You remember Ronald Reagan.   Ronald Reagan was our 40th President of the United States.  He was  largely responsible for the downfall of the USSR and for the destruction of the Berlin Wall.  He won the Cold War!  {The Cold War was the most financially expensive war in US history.   It cost an estimated $12 trillion!}  He had many other accomplishments, but these were his biggies.

Has your curiosity been piqued?  To what do they want to change the name?  The proposed name change is the Tim Howard National Airport!  Are you excited yet?  What?  You don’t know who Tim Howard is?  Let me give you a hint,  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  Tim Howard was the goalie for the United States soccer team that just got eliminated from the World Cup competition in Brazil.  I saw the United States lose to Belgium, 2-1 in additional time.  Tim Howard made a record breaking 16 saves during that game.  Many of them were unbelievable!  The score could have been 5-0 in regulation time, but Tim Howard put up a wall in front of the American goal to force the scoreless game into extra time.

So there you have it.  Tim Howard put up a ‘human wall’ in front of the American goal, and Ronald Reagan tore down a wall between East and West Berlin.  I am sure that in the minds of some people with their ‘heads up their butts,’ these are comparable accomplishments.  Thus the proposal for the name change.  Egads!

Need another example of government focus?

Have you been following the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins because of their name?  Yup, even our POTUS got involved with this.  He just could not pass up the opportunity to throw his weight behind a name change.

This whole incident came to a head when the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, a division of the US Patent Office, refused to extend the trademark protection of the ‘Redskins’ name.  They did this even though the US Patent Office never received one complaint about the name.  How convenient!  Some subset to the US Patent Office has decided that they are the judge and jury when it comes to a private enterprise trademark.  What happened to the good old days where patrons voted with their wallets?  If you were offended or didn’t like what you got for your entertainment dollar, you could decide not to attend and not to spend your money.  Apparently many people are not offended.   RFK Stadium is a sell out for every Redskin game.  Maybe that proposal for the Reagan National Airport name change should be targeted at RFK stadium;?  After all, Reagan was a Republican POTUS and Robert Kennedy was a Democratic Attorney General.  I think I just answered my own question.

I suspect that the owners of the Redskins will eventually change the name.  My objection is that some government autocrats think they have the authority to force this change.

Have you followed the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision?  The whole lawsuit was initiated because Hobby Lobby refused to provide specific types of birth control to women as a part of their health care program because of religious belief.   Hobby Lobby had an objection to the abortion component of the birth control coverage.    I find it admirable that a company provides a health care package in light of Obamacare. I find it unsettling that anyone would want to take their sex life and sex practices to a Supreme Court level.  I find it just as unsettling that the Supreme Court even reviewed this case!  Apparently we, as a nation, are willing to relinquish our individual freedoms and responsibilities.

Every time we relinquish our individual freedoms and individual responsibilities, we move one step closer to Socialism.  This explains why Hillary Clinton has come out against the Supreme Court decision.  This decision stated that closely held corporations need not support specific birth control practices.   No surprise there on the part of Hillary.

Common sense tells me that if you are mature enough to have sex, you are old enough to provide protection to avoid unprotected sex and unwanted progeny.  Somehow, I don’t think it is the responsibility of your employer to provide this protection.  It is the individual’s responsibility!  Even though I am an old fart, my last tattered biology book indicated it took two people to have sex.  That would make two people responsible.

I am personally elated that the Supreme Court did not sanction, or get involved with an individual’s sex life.  I do believe in birth control, especially by women that have children as a business to receive welfare.  I just do not see how it is the responsibility of government or business to provide birth control, yet 85% of health plans provide it.    It is bad enough that the federal government sanctions drug usage.  Oh?  You did not know?  Never mind the thriving pot business in Colorado and Washington state.  What I am talking about is that the State of Florida proposed that future welfare recipients and present state employees, be drug tested.  The welfare recipients would be denied benefits until ‘getting clean.’  They would then be periodically checked to assure continuation of benefits.   The state employees would be required to ‘get clean’ in a specified period of time, or lose their jobs.  All in all, a great proposed program!  Or at least it was until a Federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.  You would think that having less drug-dependent people would be a win-win for America!  Apparently not.

There you have it!  Si, senor to drugs, no sir to specific types of birth control.

I think the federal government needs help in focusing on national issues and prioritizing those issues.  Rather than proposing name changes for airports, reviewing  birth control or worrying about the name of a sports team, I propose they address some of the following issues.

Balancing the budget.  Hurray for us!  One of our elected officials is celebrating the fact that our national debt is increasing at a slower rate!  His reason for celebration?  It appears our national debt will only increase by about $700 billion this year rather than exceeding a trillion dollars as originally anticipated.  Wow.  Should we be planning a celebration party?   Let me make it perfectly clear.  We need to reduce spending and make an attempt to balance our inflated budget.  I wrote a blog recently about the fact that we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Our highest corporate tax rate is 40% and that is before any state corporate taxes!  Since that blog, Medronic of Minnesota has announced a relocation to Ireland.  They will then have a 15% corporate tax rate.  Now, Walgreen’s is indicating it is moving out of the United States!  This is all because we have an inflated federal government and an inflated budget.  Thus the higher corporate taxes to fuel the overspending.  Expect more corporations to move.  For them, it is a no-brainer!

Illegal Adolescent Aliens.  Have you seen the pictures of the unaccompanied illegal adolescent aliens that are crossing the borders?  It is disturbing.  Adolescent aliens and all illegal aliens are an issue that can no longer be avoided.  It is an issue that cannot seem to get any traction or resolution in Washington.  I have a common sense solution.  Follow my thinking.  Pick up all these illegal adolescent aliens and bus them to Washington, D.C!  It is easy to avoid resolution when it is only a major problem for four border states and invisible in Washington.  Once the Washington Mall is overflowing with illegal adolescent aliens, I bet we would get a resolution pronto!  Here is my resolution to the problem.  Provide food and clothing as necessary, and then transport them back to their home countries!  Then – send an invoice to their home countries for the food, clothing and transport provided.  Do you think that if we invoice Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and all responsible Central American and South American countries that the borders would become a little less porous?  I do.

Vladimar Putin.  Let me be perfectly clear, Vladimar Putin’s objective is to reestablish the USSR!   The Crimea is just the first step.  I also believe it is Putin’s first small step to determine world resolve and world reaction.  Our response?  We will sanction him to death.  Sanctions typically don’t stop tanks.

Vladimar Putin is the 21st century Adolf Hitler when in comes to European land-grabbing.  Hitler began by occupying the Sudetenland, then annexing Austria, followed by the occupation of the Germanic parts of Czechoslovakia.   He then occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia for good measure.  The invasion of Poland finally triggered a world response.  Putin is a dangerous and driven individual.  Forget about ‘cease fires’ in the Crimea and ‘nicey-nicey’ overtures toward the United States.  He is not interested in or honest about either and will continue on his mission of  reconstructing the USSR.

There you have it.  Three problems that need to be resolved.  So if anyone from Washington, D.C needs help with prioritizing or focusing on national issues, give me a call.  I have a hundred or so ideas.

God Bless America.  May we celebrate many more birthdays.