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Do you ever have those moments when you just don’t want a good thing to end? A birthday party? A graduation? A marriage? Well, I feel the same way about the Mueller investigation. After all, if it ended today, what would we do with all those unemployed liberal lawyers on the Mueller investigation team? They would just go out and, like teenagers without anything to do, just get into trouble elsewhere. And, let’s face it. They are effective. What other band of merry men could send 26 agents with 17 vehicles and with guns drawn, to arrest Roger Stone in a pre-dawn raid? Luckily, a CNN camera crew happened to be cruising Stone’s neighborhood at just that same time and captured the elderly, apparently dangerous Roger Stone arrested on camera. What a stroke of luck! Now that is what I call efficiency!

Now I must make an assumption. I will assume that in the near future, the Mueller investigation team will be wrapping up its investigation into how the Russians influenced our 2016 presidential election. Surely, as efficient as they are, they must have found some stuffed ballot boxes with borscht stained ballots. Of course, these ballots would all be for Trump. Thereby, we must investigate anything and anyone that has ever been in contact with Donald Trump. Trump attorneys, Trump accountants, Trump bathroom attendants, and now it appears Donald Trump, Junior, will now all be subpoenaed by the Mueller investigation team. Now that is what I call progress! And…it has only cost the American taxpayer about $40 million for this team to accomplish all it has done in the last 19 months.

But alas. All of this will soon come to an end, and then what will we be able to watch on the 24/7 news channels? Maybe another supreme court justice nominee roast? Possibly another Corey Booker ‘Spartacus moment?’ Do we have a new Attorney General? Boo hoo. What will we do?

Never fear dear readers, for I, Grandpa T, have a proposal for two new items that the Mueller investigation team can investigate. I am confident that they will investigate these items with the efficiency and alacrity for which they have shown the Russian collusion investigation. And…to make it more interesting, these two items also relate to the 2016 presidential election. Robert and the boys will need a new copier to print up all the subpoenas they will need for my two proposals. (I am on a personal mission to assure that the 24/7 news channels do not run out of material. Or, like Mueller’s liberal attorneys, those reporters will be out raising hell elsewhere!)

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I attended a midwestern university and was a member of ROTC. There were about 320 cadets in the four ROTC classes. The school graduated about 80 future Army officers each year. I graduated in 1971. That year was the year that the Vietnam Conflict began winding down. But in my old age, my thoughts always return to the Army ROTC graduating class of 1968 at our university. I knew many of these guys well. They were young. They were patriotic. They all volunteered to do what they thought was right for America. They persevered to graduate from college and become Army officers. And, because of the luck of drawing a short straw, they were all commissioned at the time of the most intense fighting in Vietnam. About one-fourth of that graduating class was killed in Vietnam. Some of the best people I have ever known were struck down before experiencing marriage, children, grandchildren….all of those things that make life worth living. Gone. These guys were brave. These guys were patriotic. These guys sacrificed their lives for what they believed was right for America.

So here is my challenge to Robert Mueller and his investigators. In light of what I have just related, I need to add that at the most, these fine soldiers got to determine their fates by being able to vote only once; in the 1968 presidential election, before being killed in the defense of America. And, in light of the fact that the Robert Mueller investigation is purportedly about Russian collusion, I want the Robert Mueller investigation team to investigate the number of non-American citizens that voted in the 2016 presidential election. I want to know how many. I want to know how they were allowed to vote. I want to see subpoenas and punishment for those officials that allowed non-citizens to influence and participate in our election. Because, in my eyes, anyone that allows a non-American to vote in our elections has ‘stolen the valor’ from those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country. This valor has been stolen not only for my Vietnam compatriots, but also from those that have served in all of our wars and conflicts. In effect, American citizenship has been cheapened and sold wholesale. I am positive that there will be millions of votes found that are fraudulent and in numbers that the Russians could ever imagine to influence. Go get’um Robert!

Here is my second proposal for the Robert Mueller investigation team. In my last blog, I presented statistics indicating that there are ten states with legalized recreational marijuana in the United States. Of those ten states, seven of them consider themselves ‘sanctuary states, sanctuary counties or sanctuary cities.’ The sanctuary counties and cities are the largest in each state, if the state, as a whole is not considered a sanctuary. Coincidentally, these sanctuary areas are controlled by liberal politicians. So let me be clearer: we have seven sanctuary areas, controlled by liberal politicians, that have legalized marijuana. Coupled with the fact that these liberal politicians are diligently fighting against a southern border wall with Mexico, I want to know the following: How much illegal drug money and marijuana money is being poured into our elections and who is getting it?

Let me give the Mueller investigation team some guidelines. What we need to know is how are the drug cartels benefiting from our current situation. Do they benefit with no wall? Yes. Are they able to move money, drugs, and their compatriots across our border easier without the wall? Yes. Do they use civilians illegally crossing the border as their ‘drug mules?’ Yes. Are some of the people illegally crossing the border going to become customers for the drug cartel? Probably.

But I save the biggie for last. Are drug money profits being used to influence our politicians? Before answering this, I need to point out that recently, one of ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s lieutenants said that the former president of Mexico, received a $100 million bribe to allow El Chapo to run his drug business unmolested in Mexico. Supposedly, this was the amount settled on after the former president requested $250 million! That revelation came and went from the media faster than a speeding bullet. Why? Because if true, it would indicate that politicians could be influenced by drug money. Who knew? But if you think that bribe is fictitious, then we need to discuss the non-fictitious Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation was never sanctioned as a charitable organization, as less than 3% of their ‘contributions’ were used for charitable purposes. With the Foundation being located in Canada to protect its ‘contributor’ identities, the entire foundation was a money machine for Clinton wealth attainment and for financing Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. One contribution of $147 million was made after the completion of the Uranium One deal while Hillary was Secretary of State. How convenient. More amazingly, that contribution came from Russia!

So with the Clinton Foundation and the purported pay-off to the former president of Mexico, now do you think it possible for illegal drug money to be influencing our elections? I certainly do. I believe our politicians may be accepting illegal drug money contributions either knowingly or unknowingly. After all, the drug cartels are not stupid. They would be making contributions through nobly named organizations, such as, ‘Progressive Hispanic Voters of America,’ or some such names.

Does this whole thing make more ‘common sense’ when you wrap up illegal drug monies, with sanctuary areas, with liberal politicians fighting border security with marijuana legalization? Then to complicate this, throw in the votes cast by non-citizens in the last presidential election from these same ‘sanctuary’ areas. Does any of this make for a better America?

So here you go, Mr. Mueller. Rather than you and your investigating team blowing smoke out your asses about Russian collusion in our last election, you need to get busy investigating real voter fraud and nefarious campaign contributions prevalent in our last election. I guarantee you will get better results and much more interesting findings than your current investigation. (If you find that boring, you could always investigate the Clinton Foundation!)

Go! Robert! Go!

Accountability. A concept of the past?

Big Daddy G had some strange rules when it came to my curfew during my teenage years.  If I was driving my car, or his car, I had to be home no later than midnight.  But if I was a passenger in someone else’s car, I could stay out to 1:00AM.  I never figured that out, and I never asked why.

One night, I was with another group.  The fun went past curfew and I knew it.  I asked the driver to turn off his headlights as he was entering the driveway.  We lived on a farm, so as you passed the house and headed toward the barn, we had a loop in the driveway.  Kind of an agricultural cul de sac that was used for fueling the tractors, loading the milk, and all things agricultural.  The driver let me off before making the loop.  I was attempting to be stealthy and sneak into the house, but, after the driver made the loop, he turned on his headlights and blasted his very loud horn.  Of course, everyone in the car was laughing their butts off as they sped out the driveway.  I made the quickest move possible, through the kitchen, through the living room, all in an attempt to get to the stairway of escape.  The stairway of escape was blocked by Big Daddy G.  Dammit!  Caught.  “We’ll talk about this in the morning.”  Do I need to point out that those words, those 7 little words, were an euphemism?  What it really meant was that he was going to do all the talking, and I wasn’t going to be a part of this conversation.  I was held accountable for my actions.  One week…no car…no dates. Phew!  It could have been much worse. Much worse.

Are you familiar with poaching?  Quite simply, it was the taking of game either out of season or with illegal means, or both.  Being from the Midwest, hunting was popular.  For many, it was hunting deer. The hunting season for deer in our state started the first week of November and ended just prior to Thanksgiving.  It used to run over Thanksgiving until the wives complained about the lack of husbands over that holiday and the Department of Natural Resources complied by closing the season in time for Thanksgiving.  That left us about three weeks to get our deer.   Quite honestly, if you didn’t get your deer in the first 3 or 4 days, your chance of success diminished greatly as the surviving deer became ‘gun shy’ and a lot more weary of strange figures in the woods.  I digress.  Some people just couldn’t work hard enough to get a deer legally, so they resorted to ‘shining.’  Shining was using car headlights or a strong flashlight to light up the deer eyes and temporarily freeze the deer. Then they would shoot them.  The penalty if caught?  Firstly, you lost the deer. Secondly, you lost your gun!  Yup.  It was confiscated and sold at auction. Thirdly, you lost your hunting privileges for life!  And, if they caught you with the game in your vehicle, your vehicle was confiscated and sold at auction!

The laws were explicit.  A hunter was suppose to be a responsible hunter. But, if you chose to be a poacher, you would be held accountable.  (There is that word again…accountable.)

Now that I have related my loss of privileges because of curfew and how a poacher could potentially lose their vehicle, I have a question.  Do you think that a convicted felon should lose their ‘right to vote?’

As can be imagined, each state addresses this issue differently.  Ten states have laws that may take voting privileges from a convicted felon for life:  Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wyoming.  Twenty states will allow voting privileges restored, but only after serving the term of incarceration, parole, and completing probation.  I can go with that.  Four states restore voting privileges after terms of incarceration and parole.  Fourteen states plus the District of Columbia restore voting after incarceration only.  And, two states have unrestricted voting privileges and convicted felons can vote by absentee ballot!  Do you want to guess which states?  Maine and Vermont!  I cannot believe a convicted felon in those states can vote before serving at least the term of their incarceration.  Where is the accountability in that?

For those bright readers that are up on current events, you already know that I am guilty of a federal government faux pas.  (Will I lose my voting privileges?)  The Department of Justice has recently determined that they will no longer refer to the ‘guests’ of their prison facilities as felons or convicts. The reason? It is because after being released from prison, it is too difficult on the ‘previous guests’ emotionally!  I wish I were making this up.  With all of the events happening in this country and the world, this is what the government has focused on as witnessed by a very proud POTUS giving a speech justifying this miraculous decision.  I saw that speech and thought it was an April Fools prank.  It was not.

Assistant Attorney General, Karol Mason, wrote an article for the Washington Post saying, “many of the formally incarcerated men, women, and young people I talk with say there is no harsher punishment than being branded a ‘felon’ or an ‘offender.'”  Really?  Maybe they should have thought of that before performing a felonious act!  That would be a novel concept!

Being that our ‘politically correct’ government has decided such a bold move is historic, what are the new acceptable names for convicted felons? Apparently, drug dealers, muggers, killers, rapists, swindlers, robbers, and thieves will no longer be acceptable, so just what will be acceptable? Knowing this administration, I am almost ready to bet they will publish a list.  I would like to be witty and offer some possible names, but I am too flabbergasted by this whole situation.

So here again, all for the sake of political correctness, our government has, somewhat intentionally, removed accountability from convicted felons.

Grandma P was perusing part of my article and brought forth a valid concern. With such concern as to what we call convicted felons, what do we call the victims?  Ah, yes.  It seems our judicial system sometimes forget about the victims of the felons.  Do you think their feelings have been hurt being the victim of a crime?  I find it interesting, and indicative of our government, that they are concerned more about the feelings of a convicted felon than of the victim.  In my universe, that seems backwards.

How could I possibly write about the disappearance of accountability when such things as Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and classified emails are still haunting presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The difference between a Political Action Committee (PAC) and a foundation is that a PAC cannot accept money from foreign donors.  There are no such restrictions on a foundation.  Do you find it disturbing that all donations to the Clinton Foundation are funneled through Canada?  Canada, a country with laws that conveniently protect the identity of contributors.  The money is then sent into the US into a foundation that spends less than 10% of its receipts on charitable events.  Thus, it has been declassified as a charity.  Initially, I thought the classified missing emails were about Benghazi. That may be incorrect.  Current conjecture is that it is about foreign donors contributing to Hillary’s election campaign surreptitiously through the Clinton Foundation, with a small amount of Benghazi thrown in.  This would be against the laws of this country.  Madam Clinton has done an excellent job of fending off congressional inquiries and FBI investigations.  She is the antithesis of accountability.

I am going to make a rather bold and brash prediction about the upcoming election.  If, in the next 6-8 weeks, polling shows that Clinton will not win a general election, she will be charged for one of her many crimes and be forced to drop from the race.  Accountability at last!  Then I think a dark horse would be thrown into the mix at the Democratic convention.  The name of that dark horse?  Joe Biden.  Untouched.  Unscathed.  Very much a democrat.  Time will tell.