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Lessons Learned from the Mueller Report

I, like most Americans, was hoping that once Mueller reported his findings from his lengthy investigation, maybe the investigation would just vanish and disappear from the media. (I think the Korean War was shorter than the Mueller investigation media coverage!) I, like most Americans, was hoping it would provide definitive answers that would address the whole purpose of the investigation. I, like most Americans, was hoping those definitive answers would be so ‘clear and concise’, that even the village idiot would not have any problem understanding the conclusion. (A rather vain hope, as the investigation was lead by lawyers! My mortgage documents are an easier read.) The majority of Americans may well be disappointed by the findings of the investigation, or how they were presented, or by the political manipulations that have occurred since the release of the findings, but as a casual observer, I will offer my perspective of “lessons learned’ by this whole affair.

But first, a little background information. Robert Mueller was appointed to head an investigation into the Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. He was appointed by Assistant Adjutant General, Rob Rosenstein. All of this was begun based on a now proven fictitious document called the Steele report. This fictitious document was paid for by the Clinton campaign. So..with some prompting from high level officials, (one of these purported to be the late Senator John McCain!), our intelligence agencies revved into high gear. The FBI and CIA were licking their chops to delve into this issue. Why? Because Hillary Clinton lost the election and in the eyes of these organizations, that should not have happened. It had to be the Russians! Those borscht eating barbarians somehow stuffed all of the ballot boxes in those states where the ‘incorrigible and deplorable’ Trump supporters live. And once the Mueller investigation shifted into high gear with its 18 left leaning lawyers and its 40 assigned FBI agents, the investigation took a turn to the left. Trump had to be investigated. All things Trump had to be investigated; business dealings, children, friends, former attorneys, bathroom habits, etc. Over 550 people were questioned during this investigation.

Popularity in Politics is Fleeting

I have empathy for Robert Mueller. Robert is very much like the lovely high school cheerleader that develops a bad case of acne. Initially popular, but then a pariah. Once selected to handle the investigation, the Liberals were going bonkers from the ecstasy of having ‘their man’ heading the investigation. He was covered with accolades. Pelosi, Schummer and the whole Democrat party referred to him as honest, capable, yada yada, about how wonderful he was. But then poor Robert released the findings from his ‘way too long’ investigation. And those findings? There was no collusion between Trump and the borscht eating barbarians. And, just like the lovely high school cheerleader developing acne, now the Democrats don’t want to touch Robert Mueller. The liberal media cannot provide enough coverage of the disappointment of the Democrats. Now, rather than being a crusader with a gold sword, the Democrats want Mueller to appear before any committee they can possibly convene to explain how he could not find collusion between Trump and the Russians.

But wait. There is hope. The acne could eventually clear up on our cheerleader. In true political fashion, Mueller or a member of his team, authored a letter, released to the media, saying that the investigation could not find evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, but they did not find evidence that Trump did not collude with the Russians.

OMG! Don’t you just love lawyers? After 22 months and over $25 million, someone felt the heat of the liberal media backlash and felt compelled to throw them a bone. They released this letter bypassing the Attorney General, who had already provided a four page letter surmising that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russkies.

Where the hell do these lawyers go to school?

How many people know the definition of the word, ‘illegal?’ According to google, illegal means, ‘contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.’ Wasn’t that easy? So why is it that all of these attorneys, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, James Comey, Adam Schiff, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and all of the lawyers that have become career politicians in the Democrat party have difficulty with the word, ‘illegal?’ They especially show ignorance when the word ‘illegal,’ is paired with another word, such as ‘illegal surveillance,’ or ‘illegal aliens,’ or ‘illegal spying.’ The village idiot doesn’t have any problem with these words, nor do the ‘incorrigables and the deplorables.’ It only seems to be a problem with those gosh-darn, lawyer-educated liberals!

If I were a parent of one of these people, I would want a refund on my child’s education, because it is obvious they were skipping classes or receiving their law degrees as ‘participation certificates.’ Just sayin’.

The Loonies are in Charge of the Asylum

I find it absolutely frightening that a pompous, egotistical, psychotic person such as James Comey was ever selected to head the FBI. He is a lawyer by education, but yet, as the head of the FBI, it is now evident that he broke the law by spying on candidate Trump. It has also come to light that he planted an agent into the Trump campaign to coerce the Trump campaign people to collude with the Russkies. How was this allowed? Well, Comey has a definite history with the Clintons so he had a political bias. He and one of his biased lieutenants, namely Peter Strzok took their animosity for Trump to new levels. Strzok justified his actions by proclaiming that “he knew what was best for Americans.” Couple this with two weak-kneed Attorneys General during the Obama years, namely Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. These two Attorneys General were not smart enough to come up with an original thought, but they, like Comey, bent to the will of the Obama White House. The Obama White House wanted a POTUS Hillary to preserve ‘his legacy.’

Have you every heard John Brennan speak? It is amazing that this psychopath headed up a government organization with the word, ‘intelligence’ in its name. Yes, John Brennan headed the CIA. And…he has been on the liberal media talking head shows over 130 times since the 2016 election! Brennan’s favorite word in the English language? Treason! Yup, John has accused Trump of being guilty of treason, but has never produced one shred of evidence. John has never met a TV camera he has not liked.

Not to be outdone, Adam Schiff, a Democrat representative from California, has almost surpassed Brennan in appearances on the liberal media outlets. His message for the last two years is that there is ‘conclusive proof’ of collusion between Trump and the Russkies. Like Brennan, he has not produced his proof…but unceasingly flaps his jowls about this proof.

The best defense is a good offense

I love sports, but I like football in particular. This is the kind of football that is played with the ‘pointy’ ball, not the round ball. One strategy that has been used over the years in many sports is that the best defense is a good offense. Put in other words, there is no worry about the weaknesses of your defense if you are continually on the attack. Attack! Attack! Attack!

Does this sound familiar when applied to the political machinations surrounding the Mueller investigation? As the skin of the onion is being peeled away, it is obvious that there were many people in high places that performed activities considered ‘illegal!’ But the Democrats, rather than spending one second of time on why the Mueller investigation or the illegal activities performed to promulgate its existence, are spending their time focusing on the ambiguity of the last letter written by Mueller or one of his staff that was released to the media. They want Barr impeached. They want Trump impeached. They want Mueller and Barr to spend countless hours in front of Congressional committees. Attack! Attack! Attack! Don’t legislate…continue to investigate. The hell with what is right for America, we need to get Trump and take control! (Power + prestige = money; my previous blog.)

Keep the other team off balance by continual attack. Why? Because they want to divert the attention of the American public from the illegal activities of our highest intelligence agencies and Justice department during the Obama administration. If Obama was so concerned about Russian influence in the 2016 election, why did he not do something about it? How would his legacy appear if one or both of his Attorneys General and the head of the FBI and CIA were all thrown in prison? (It now appears Mueller held his report until after the midterm elections, knowing full well before the elections that there was no collusion.)

Admittedly, I believe there was Russian collusion involving our last election. Definitely. It was called the Uranium One deal where we sold 20% of our uranium reserves to…of all the people…those borscht eating barbarians! And with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama leading the charge, this deal was done without consent of Congress. Coincidentally, the Clinton Foundation received a $147 million donation from Russian sources. Where did that money go?

Conclusions and speculations

  1. The Mueller investigation was begun because of political vindictiveness. Forget about what the people want, we career politicians and career government employees know ‘what is right for America.’
  2. Eventually the skin of the onion will be peeled back and there will be legal ramifications for the proponents of this investigation.
  3. The American public knows the difference between legislation and doing what is right for America, and investigation, which accomplishes nothing but 24/7 biased media coverage. Democrats beware.
  4. Americans should be less concerned about how a billionaire became POTUS, and more concerned about how politicians become millionaires.
  5. All of this political juxtapositioning by the Democrats is for one thing, and one thing only: Power (P) + Prestige (P) = Money (M) And in this political game, the stakes are really high!

Accountability in the Ring

Just about the time Grandma P and I were planning to leave on vacation, (Grandpa T’s Rule Number 3 – Retiring is tiring!) someone else stepped up to trample all over the concept of common sense.  Egads and gadzooks!  Don’t these people realize that is the reason I write this blog?

James George Janos

One recent violator of the common sense belief is none other than James George Janos.  James has taken it upon himself to criticize the late Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame by saying, “You can’t have honor if you’re a liar.”  He has gone on to say that he will never watch the movie American Sniper, as he calls it war propaganda.  Apparently, James George Janos has never lied in his life, so that should make him the ‘paragon of truth.’

But wait.  You don’t know who James George Janos is?  I am shocked!  After all, he now goes by the name of Jessie (The Body) Ventura.  Now do you know about whom I’m speaking?

Yes, the man who successfully sued and won a libel case against the widow and estate of the late Chris Kyle, has said publicly that Chris Kyle is no hero.  That is quite an accusation coming from a man who has lived most of his life using an alias.  Isn’t an alias really a lie about who you really are?

Jessie has had quite a career.  He was a member of a Navy Seal Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) during the time of the Vietnam war, thus his association with Chris Kyle and the Seals.  After that, he did some acting.  Of course, he made most of his fame and fortune as a wrestler.  Now there is a profession worth discussing.  Professional wrestling,  a profession that rings with thoughts of honesty and integrity.  I’ve always wondered how there could be about a dozen ‘world titles’ at any one time.  I’ve always wondered how someone could take an elbow to the throat, get their head pile-driven into the mat, get hit over the head with a chair and still come back to win the match!  It all had to be real, right?

After his wrestling days were over, Jessie ran as an Independent and was elected Governor for the state of Minnesota in 1998.  He was elected primarily because the electorate was tired of the gridlock of the traditional two party system.  He was also elected because, during three pre-election debates, he outshined his two ‘party entrenched’ opponents by offering, and I can’t believe I am writing this, common sense solutions to problems presented at the debates.  His answers were much of what the average voter wanted to hear, as they were devoid of the normal political line.  He struck a clear chord for personal responsibility.

So, after a stunning upset in that election, James, oops, Jessie Ventura was now Governor of Minnesota.  And……….within weeks of being elected, with the voter exuberance and expectations at fever pitch, James, err, Jessie did what Jessie did best…….he once again became a ‘rassler’.  He, as Governor, refereed a WWF title match in Minneapolis for a reported $1 million!  He received much publicity as a result of his ‘photo ops’ with Vince McMahon and with two Amazon ‘rassler’ women.  He took a job as a color commentator for the now defunct Extreme Football League (XFL) while he was in office!    He told the press that his job as Governor was a Monday to Friday job, and what he did on the weekend was his business.  He did not run for re-election.  That was an excellent decision, considering his approval ratings were lower than the temperature in Minnesota on a January morning.

So now, James, the class act that he is, has said that the late Chris Kyle is no hero.  Let me be perfectly clear to all of the Chris Kyle critics.  Chris Kyle volunteered to become a Navy Seal.  He then became a sniper, and from all military accounts, he was a very, very good sniper.  He was trained and tasked to do a job….. a very necessary, oftentimes gruesome job.   What was that job?  He was to protect American soldiers and Marines from getting killed.  Let me put this in simple terms, so it is easier to comprehend.  Without Chris Kyle (or any other sniper), more letters from the Department of Defense would be notifying parents/spouses of the loss of their loved ones.  Argue the politics about being in Iraq all you want, but never, ever be so small-minded and petty as to criticize those who are willing to serve.  James, er, Jessie’s whole life has been fabricated, including his name; and yet, knowing no limits, he has the audacity to call the deceased Chris Kyle a liar.   That ‘rassler” sure has balls, if not brains.


There has been a House of Representatives special committee appointed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Benghazi attack that resulted in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.  This committee is being chaired by  Representative Try Gowdy (R-SC).  Mr. Gowdy has promised to ‘ratchet up’ this investigation.  This 12-member panel was created last May.

Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the panel’s senior Democrat, complained that the committee’s investigation was moving at a ‘glacial’ pace and said that he and other Democrats, “have grave concerns about the partisan path this committee has taken over the past year.”

The Democrats are already crying foul and are accusing the committee of being involved with ‘partisan politics’.  In other words, it is apparently a partisan ‘witch hunt’ if any Democrat’s reputation is being besmirched.  How could this not be the case?  Common sense tells me that if the Secretary of State, the Attorney General and the President are all Democrats with a Congress that was Democratically controlled at the time of the incident (9/11/2012), then most likely any indication of malfeasance would fall on the shoulders of some Democrat.  No foolin’?

The committee has been moving at a snail’s pace because of the lack of cooperation from the State Department, under the leadership of Hilary Clinton at the time, and from other agencies.  One of those agencies is the CIA.   It appears that Mrs. Clinton has now agreed to appear before this committee.  No doubt this change in attitude has arisen because of her presidential aspirations.

Common sense tells me that the Democrats can create smoke screens, scream ‘partisan politics’, and stonewall the investigation until the cows come home.  However, most likely a Democrat will be at fault for this fiasco if malfeasance is determined because they were the party totally in power at the time.  Personally, I want to know if the rumor about the military launching a rescue operation, only to have it called back by a ‘high office’ is true.  So much for protecting the Americans (soldiers/marines/ambassador) on the ground!  Someone in power needed a dose of the ‘sniper mentality’ that Chris Kyle possessed in supporting his people on the ground.

Lois Lerner

I, like most Americans, would like a well-oiled, accountable, functioning federal government.  I would like to see both political parties make a bipartisan effort to work together to legislate what is best for both America and for Americans.

Having said that, I want a partisan, conservative, Grandpa T-endorsed ‘witch hunt’ to take place concerning Lois Lerner and her use of the IRS prior to the 2010 midterm elections.  This woman, as head of the IRS, used her office to stifle the political process by stonewalling the creation of conservative groups opposed to her and the government’s liberal agenda.  In particular, they targeted the Tea Party movement.

Let me be clear.  I have never attended a Tea Party seminar, meeting, beer party or any other event that they held.  (Though I have had tea once at Harrod’s in London, but I digress.)  I have never researched what they really represented.   What I take a very strong exception to, is that a governmental agency would deliberately impose its power to stifle the political process in our country.  Don’t these yahoos work for us?  Are they not being paid by our taxes?

The plot has thickened concerning this obvious abuse of power since it occurred.  Ms. Lerner resigned her position.  She has been called before investigative committees and, as a former government employee, pleaded the 5th amendment to very direct questioning.  Really?  Someone on the government payroll (and now retirement payroll!) is able to plead the 5th amendment about her duties while serving the people?

During these investigations, emails and other documentation were requested.  These requests were greeted with the response that all of this material has been ‘deleted’ and is therefore unavailable.  Well guess what?!  Through the miracle of modern technology and the help of a bunch of independent ‘computer nerds,’ these deleted documents have now become available!

And guess what those ‘unavailable’ documents indicate?  The recovered emails Lois Lerner attempted to delete – those concerning the allegations against the IRS and their supposed targeting of conservative groups – show that the Department of Justice was helping the IRS!  Great!  We have a frickin’ conspiracy between the IRS and the Election Crime Division of the Department of Justice!  There are over 800 pages of documents concerning Lerner’s visits with the DOJ just prior to the 2010 midterm elections, and the DOJ is refusing to provide those documents!   Some documents were recovered, which show that Lerner had discussed the possibility of prosecuting tax-exempt entities with the assistance of the DOJ.  Lerner provided the DOJ with a 1.1 million-page database of information from tax exempt organizations.

The plot thickens further.  There is an independent organization called Judicial Watch.  The president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, said it is outrageous that the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, which is supposed to be investigating such abuses of power and authority, was shown to be involved in the IRS scandal as well.  Holy crap!  Isn’t the DOJ under the auspices of the Attorney General?  That would be Eric Holder.

So here is my common sense inquiry.  Why are Lois Lerner and possibly Eric Holder walking the streets, collecting government salaries and retirements?  Holder wants to step down as soon as a replacement can be confirmed.  I can see why.  I see a deliberate abuse of power like no other during my lifetime.  Isn’t that treason?

Common sense tells me that some prison time might be appropriate, but then again, the Democrats would just scream ‘partisan politics’.

Yeah, with all this going on, Grandma P and I are determined to have a good time on vacation.  Rest assured, I will make a valiant effort at having fun.  First thing – shut off  the TV.