Born and raised in a small Midwest farming community.  Attended and graduated from a public school system, with 61 students in the graduating class.  Graduated with a BS degree in education from a Big Ten university.  Vice president of two different construction companies.  Successfully owned and operated a company for 18 years.  Retired as a Colonel from the Reserve Components of the  US Army.  Retired in 2009.  Grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren.

Other Notables:

Technical Support: Houston Nefoo
Proofreading: Bayou Mauler
Reality Check and Life Support: Grandma P

One thought on “Bio

  1. Beau Fournet

    Tom, This edition of your blog was your very best ever. You pinned the tail on the donkey (That Muslim imposter what has lived in our public housing facility we call the Whitehouse). BHO makes Jimmy Carter look like the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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