Microscope or Telescope? Which are You?

Are you glad the presidential party debates are finally over?  Oh yeah! Me, too.

Now it is finally down to two presumptive candidates.  Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald J. Trump for the Republicans.  Now the candidates can at least begin sniping at each other.

The one thing that I noticed is the prevalent concerns of each party.  The Democrats  were debating about totally different subjects than the Republicans.  So as I am watching this, I notice that there is a clear pattern for each parties concerns.

The Democrats were mostly concerned about personal issues.  Their biggest concerns were about the taking or granting of individual rights; or dispensing federal monies to people in a not very discreet manner to garner votes.  Because they focused on mostly individual issues, I associate them with microscopes.  

Let’s examine some of these issues:

Free College Tuition

Bernie Sanders could not say enough about free college tuition for every person that wants it.  How was the wise Bernie going to pay for this very costly perk?  Well, he was going to tax the hell out of those mean, successful, profiteering corporations.  You know who these corporations are.  They are the people that provide jobs, buy raw materials, build facilities and purchase equipment to keep our economy running.  Out of the other side of his mouth, he wants to punish any corporation that moves manufacturing facilities or corporate headquarters out of the US.  Well, I have gone into this at length in previous blogs, but here is the abridged version.  The corporate taxes in the United States are the highest in the world at a whooping 40%.  The average corporate taxes in the world are 22%, with Ireland having a corporate tax rate of 18%.  Thus, Ireland has turned itself from bust to boom in ten years by attracting corporations to move to their country, many from the US.  But…just so you totally understand the corporate tax problem in the US we need to go a bit further.  That 40% is the federal corporate tax rate.  Then you need to add the state corporate tax rates with some states having a corporate tax rate of an additional 10%.  Are you beginning to understand why American companies are moving their facilities to foreign countries?  Much of it has to do with the US corporate tax rate and the fact that they need to be able to compete on the stage of the global economy.  If the US company is paying combined taxes of 50%, and the Irish company is paying 18%, who will grow and prosper in the long run?  Bernie has microscopic vision on this subject, all in the hopes of garnering young voters at the expense of the federal government.

Who Uses Which Bathrooms? 

Do you understand the new federally mandated bathroom laws?  I am so confused I am beginning to question my own sexuality.  Have I been missing something during my existence as a heterosexual male?  But the POTUS is touting this as a major step forward.  So, here we are again, with the federal government tampering with how individuals should live.  I am rather perplexed that there is not enough going on in this world and in this country that the POTUS has to take a microscopic view of bathroom habits.

Gun Control

The microscopes, oops, I mean Democrats, are outdoing themselves on this issue.  The most recent event at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando is a tragedy by any measure.  If you were to believe the Democrats and the biased liberal media , this assault rifle walked into the nightclub with his date, a Glock pistol.  Then these two weapons arbitrarily began killing 50 people.  Isn’t that about the way this whole, gruesome event has been portrayed?  Let me take another cut at this event.  Unfortunately, another American grown radical Islamic terrorist has committed another act of violence.  Did I say radical Islamic terrorist?  Holy crap!  I have just used words that have not been spoken by the POTUS, EVER!  And, you can further connect this event with the San Bernadino shooting and the Fort Hood shooting.  Guns were the weapon of choice, but the killers were all radical Islamic terrorists.  (Bombs were the weapon of choice in Boston.)  So the Democrat response?  A sit-in at the House of Representatives.  How childish.  Let me make this perfectly clear.  It is not gun control people, it is people control.  But let us bury our head in the sand and maybe it will all go away.  I wish it were that easy.  If Clinton, Obama and Sanders are so against guns, then maybe the Secret Service personnel protecting them should set an example and give up their weapons.  Do you think they would allow that?

I am all for stringent background checks.  But regardless of the procedure, the murderers in the three incidences mentioned above did not have difficulty procuring weapons.

Other Microscopic (personal) items

The Democrats are not for any type of border containment, thus allowing the free movement of illegal immigrants into the country.  Additionally, all in the name of reminding us that this country is a melting pot, unlimited access to peoples from Islamic countries without background checks.  Would you be surprised to learn that many illegal immigrants are voting and swaying the outcomes of our elections?  That is because the Democrats have led the charge for not having government issued photo ID’s in most states.  But…we will grant these illegal immigrants or immigrants from Islamic countries full benefits as if they are citizens.  All of this at federal government expense.  All of this to garner votes.

So now we discuss the telescopes.  A telescope is a far-reaching piece of equipment, with a much wider field of vision.    I associate the Republican party with a telescope.

National Debt

Trump and many other Republicans have certainly discussed the national debt, which is now four times larger than it was at the end of the Bush administration.  Have the microscopes made any mention of that debt?  Have they offered any suggestions about reducing or curtailing it?  I have not heard a word.  Trump is a business man, and he knows that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will survive in its present form if that debt is not addressed.  We will create a world recession that will make the Great Depression look like a migraine headache.  This country cannot afford to continually prop up those that do not wish to work or contribute to the well-being of this country.  Welfare and social security cannot continue in its present form.


The present administration has decimated our military.  Not only has it reduced the size, but the POTUS conveniently dispatched any generals and admirals that disagreed with his policies.  That would be over 400 experienced people over the term of this president.  The Republicans want to rebuild the military.  Whether this country wants to face it or not, we have enemies.  There are no shortage of countries that would like to see this country, our financial systems, and our dollar all brought to its knees.  The Republicans understand this, the Democrats want to avoid the issue and continue to spend.

Creating Jobs

Remember all those corporations discussed earlier and the federal tax rate?  Well, the Republicans want to cut that rate to stop the out flux of jobs from this country.  There is no Democrat in favor of this.  But here again, corporate taxes account for less that 20% of the monies received by the federal government.  The balance is from the American worker.  So, if we create more jobs, we will have less welfare and more federal tax revenue.  Sounds easy.  So why hasn’t it been done?  It has been.  By JFK and Ronald Reagan most notably.

Illegal Immigrants

Here it finally is.  The political hot button for the upcoming election.  We have all heard about Trump’s proposal to ‘build the wall.’    Whether it gets built or not, I do know this….the security on our borders needs to be vastly improved.  Not only are illegal Hispanics crossing our southern border, but so are some of these radical Islamic terrorists.  They are hiring the Mexicans to show them how to cross our border to enter this country!  I totally agree with Trump on his wanting to do background checks on people coming from Islamic countries.  I think we should do background checks on people wanting to come from any country.

Have you gotten the gist of this blog?  I hope so or I have failed in my intent.  It appears to me that the Democrats are focusing on individual items in the pursuit of more votes and to perpetuate the status quo.  The Republicans appear to focus on national and world issues.  We may not like what they are focusing on, but for the betterment of the country, we better start paying more attention.

Our society has become very self-centered and government dependent.    We will support anything that does not affect us.  You can screw over my neighbor, just as long as you leave me alone.  That attitude will be the demise of this once great nation.

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