Why Isn’t Anything Happening in Washington?

Can you believe everything that has happened in the world in the last 60 days?

1.  It has just been confirmed that the Syrian government is using chemical warfare against the Syrian rebels.

2.  Domestically, we have had the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

3.  How could we possibly forget the first-hand film footage of the Boston Marathon bombings?  How could we possibly forget the capture of the alleged perpetrators of the bombings.

4.  The month of April was determined to be the deadliest in Iraq since June 2008

5.  In Chicago, there were 20 shootings resulting in three fatalities.  All in one night!

6.  North Korea says it has a nuclear weapon and a missile system that could hit the US.  They said they are going to do just that!

This is just a simplified, broad-brush rendition of just some of the events that have occurred in the last 60 days.

So why hasn’t anything positive occurred in Washington by our politicians as of late?

Without doing my usual due-diligence research, I am going to render an opinion off the cuff.  After all, Grandma P would rather have me paint lawn ornaments than spend ridiculous amounts of time on research.  I would rather spend time watching the LPGA than either one, but so much for what I want.

I believe that Congress and Washington are not being efficient, because they are being held hostage by special interest groups.  So what exactly do I mean with that statement?

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was conducted by a deranged individual that had access to weaponry.  Not for one second do I want to minimize the effect on the families of the victims, small, defenseless children being indiscriminately murdered.  Could there be a more tragic scenario.

It is what happened afterward that I want to address.

You may not be aware, but many of the parents of these children went to Washington to lobby for more gun control.  Considering their losses and their suffering, you can well imagine that it would be difficult for any politician to refuse an audience to this group.  This group of parents was there, in Washington, for days.  This took quite a bit of time and attention from our elected officials.  A special interest group that monopolized Congress in light of a heinous crime.

The NRA picked up the pace to counter the moves by the gun control advocates.

As an aside, the most stringent gun control laws in the US are in the state of Illinois.  That is why I pointed out that in a state where guns are illegal, twenty people were shot, three of whom were killed in one night in Chicago!  How would you like to be a cop in that town?  Sooooo—if these gun laws are the most stringent, why are they not working?

Have you noticed the spirited push for same-sex marriages at the federal and state levels?  If you believe the propaganda on this issue, homosexuals are the majority and heterosexuals are in the minority.  At least that is what they wish to portray to the voting public and to our representatives.  I could personally care less whether or not a person is homosexual, but I am getting a little irritated with how much of the media and how much of our representatives time is spent on this issue.

This whole same-sex marriage thing falls into my belief system as such.  Do not write your special interest on a Louisville slugger, hit me in the head with it, and expect me to like it.  I don’t care what you do in private, but don’t hit me in the face with it; and then try to make me feel like a degenerate, because I am not marching for your cause.

What an interesting turn of events in the Boston Marathon bombings!  We had a diligent effort made by our law enforcement agencies in finding the culprits.  Once we captured one of  them and had him singing like a canary on steroids, someone had the bright idea that we should read this terrorist his rights!  (What rights do you have if you are involved in a car accident, and have alcohol on your breathe?  No Miranda, no free attorney, and an instant stay in jail.  Who has it better?)   Because the terrorist survivor was singing to the FBI, I believed at the time that it took someone high up on the food chain to have the balls to send in a judge to read his rights.  I was prophetic.  Those directions came from the POTUS and his Attorney General.  This stupid action was taken so we don’t look like the barbarians to the Muslim countries that want to kill us or to the terrorist organizations they support.   (See the blog on Attorneys as Politicians)  A terrorist is a terrorist, whether they are foreign or domestic.  Indiscriminate killing of Americans qualifies you to be termed a terrorist, regardless of your place of birth.  These matters should be handled by a military tribunal.  Even though we may not have specifically declared war on this survivor or his cause, he, by his actions, declared war on us!  Give it to the military tribunal, where majority rules on verdicts.  Neat, clean, and efficient.

Obamacare.  Is it in?  Is it out?  Is it implemented?  Will it be overturned?  Do we really know?  I do know that the amount of lobbying being done for the support or overturning of Obamacare is unbelievable.  I have heard that the administration guidelines for implementing this law is written on 15,000 pages of documents!  Are you kidding me?  The original Obamacare law was over a thousand pages, with many of our representatives voting for it even though they never read it!  I believe that if this law requires over 25 pages (with 5 pages of attached forms)- it is too long!  How can you seriously believe that anyone is going to read 15,000 pages to implement this law?  How will smaller businesses cope with compliance?

Obamacare is another special interest project, begun by our President that has taken way too much time in Congress.

I cannot totally blame Congress for their inactivity.  They are being bombarded daily by lobbyists, attorneys, and constituents that represent their “special” interests.

So what should Congress be focused on?  Here are my thoughts:

Sequestration.  What happened to that buzz word?  Is it implemented?  Was it amended?  It is my understanding that the part reducing the military budget was implemented, or will be shortly.  There has not been much news lately as to whether or not the welfare reductions were implemented.  Either way, the sequestration is a part of our budget, and it needs to remain in focus.  (With the Asian version of John Belushi leading and threatening from North Korea, does it really make sense to cut the defense budget?)

Fiscal cliff.  Remember these two words that were etched into our minds by the media at the beginning of the year?  Well, it has not gone away.  The POTUS offered a budget that would expand our national debt by ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in one year.  What happened to billions?  The word billions can still roll off the tip of my tongue.  Trillions gets stuck in my throat!

If the purpose of this proposed budget is to bankrupt the US, this is a great first step!  What would have happened if Dubya had proposed this 10 years ago?  Why is this guy getting a pass on such an insane budget?Obama has spent much of his years in office complaining about the mess he inherited from Dubya. It seems he is spending equal time creating a financial disaster for his successor.

That would be similar to a family sitting around a dinner table and the father announcing that he has both good news and bad news.  The family waits in anticipation.  First the good news, “We are all going to Disney World for a week!”  The cheers from the family sound in unison.  But now the bad news. “Based on our budget, we can no longer afford to eat, so we will have to move to a tent in the woods.”   That all makes about as much sense as our national budget.

This is the Numero Uno item that should be focused on by our elected representatives!

I have offered numerous suggestions on how to balance the budget in previous blogs.  Here are a couple of my biggies:

1.  Cut the $700 billion welfare budget by $200 billion per year until the budget is at $100 billion.  That would save $1.2 trillion dollars in three years.  We will leave in $100 billion for those incapable of earning a living.  Additionally, state governments are responsible for administering welfare and have provided 25% of the cost.  You can bet they would all get a lot more efficient if the federal government pot of gold were taken away.  They may even decide to not give welfare assistance to terrorists, as they did in Massachusetts.

2.  Pass a flat tax.  It is a travesty that almost half of the people that enjoy the opportunity, protection, and transportation provided by their federal government pay no taxes!  I think everyone should pay a minimum of 10%.  The IRS can establish tiered tax structures, but there would be minimums for people and businesses.  Suppose the tax bracket goes to 35% for the highest wage earners.  Regardless of their many deductions, they would still be accountable for a base fee, say 15%.  Lower income earners could deduct all they want, but still have a base tax of 10%.  Corporations could have a base tax rate, after all deductions, of 20%.  Everyone should contribute to their country!  But I am becoming tired of the “tax the rich” mantra.  This mantra is usually sung the loudest when our elected officials do not want to face the music about cutting spending.  This is class envy – pure and simple.  The fact is—are you ready for this?  You could take all the assets from the top 10% wealthiest people in the US, and not eliminate the deficit!

Read my previous blogs for other spending cut suggestions.

That terrorist in Boston killed four innocent Americans.  The inability of our Congress and President to get serious about our spending and budget could lose us our country!

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